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Droidsheep Apk is an android app which is made by Andreas Koch. This app was made with intent to get access in between sessions going on any specified wireless networks. Actually main motive was to do a security analysis of wireless networks. So this tool was designed for a good purpose but some bad intents use it for illegal sake.

droidsheep apk download

Features Info
File Name Droidsheep
Developer Andreas Koch
App Version 15
File Size 303 Mb
Price Free
Organization Android
Root Required
Category Tools
Download link Droidsheep Apk 15

What actually it does is like for example, any internet session is going on the wireless network. Now this app will allow you to capture the session cookies over that network. It allows you to capture the web sessions of the users on the same network.

As there are plenty of other apps like this but Reason Why this app is preferred over others is that it works with almost all websites and services.

Checklist To Do Before Using Droidsheep

1) You should have your device rooted to use this app.

2) You should have your victim on the same wireless network you use.

3) He should be using HTTP to access the web account as HTTPs is secured network.

If all three requirements are completed for you then you can go for the use of the app.

How To Use Droidsheep

1) Just download the apk from the download link and install it.

2) Now Open the Droidsheep app in your android.

3) Now you will get two options “ARP spoofing” and “Generic mode”. So enable them, please.

ARP Spoofing – When it is enabled, your android will start acting as a router. It will trace and intercept all on going traffic over the wireless network you are accessing in.

Generic Mode – It is used to track the cookies. As it will listen to all cookies over the network.

4) Now click on the start button and wait for some time. It will show all the active sessions going on your wireless network.

5) Select the network you want to get access into and it will show the many options, what to do list. Select the option you want to do to the victim.

Options that will be displayed are:-

  • Open Site – Now you can use the victim account.
  • Remove from List – You can remove someone from the network list showing to you.
  • Add host to blacklist – You can blacklist someone and no cookies will be captured from it in near future.
  • Export via eMail – Option to take cookies and send via email to use for future and preserve.
  • Save Cookies – It will save the cookies and you can use it.

Other Options Available On Droidsheep –

  • Clear List – It will help you clear the list showing the ongoing sessions on your wifi network.
  • Clear Blacklist – If you have added any network to blacklist, you can remove it with this option.
  • Debug – Experiencing any problem using the app. Run this option it will debug the problem for you.
  • Choose WiFi – It is to select the target network for you.
  • Help – To help you out related to the app.

How To Use Droidsheep

Source : – Effecthacking.com

Droidsheep No root

To use the Droidsheep you have to root your device first and use it. If you are searching for any version or trick to use it without rooting your device, then you are wasting your time. So root your device first and use this app at your own risk.

Droidsheep 15 Apk

Droidsheep 15 Apk is the latest version of the tool available till now. So you can download it from the above link I have provided in the table.

Droidsheep Legal Use

It is made for testing of security and different accounts over your own private network.

Droidsheep Illegal Use

For What Droidsheep Should Be avoided – This tool is not made to use on public networks and use for hacking cookies of any accounts and misuse them.


Droidsheep doesn’t provide any usernames or passwords for any accounts. What it provides is just access to accounts over the network with the use of cookies. SO it’s not the hacking app as people misuse them. It’s only to keep a check over the private network you own or for security reasons.


Get Protected From Droidsheep

If you are facing some attacks like this on your network or think for more safety from these types of attacks. You can use one DroidSheep Guard app for security which will protect your internet sessions from being theft over these wireless networks.

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Please use this App for knowledge purpose and Legal Purpose. Using for illegal things can put you in trouble.

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