Poot APK Download 2017

Poot APK Download 2017 – Poot is actually an off shelf app used to root your android device. Poot is the only app that does it with very ease. Rooting at times can be very hard for users but Poot Apk makes it simple. It is the best and the easiest way to root your android phone.
poot apk download 2017

What Does Poot do?

1) Allows the applications to open network sockets.

2) Allows an application to write to external storage.

3) Allows an application to read from external storage.

4) Allows read only access to phone state, including the phone number of the device, current cellular network information, the status of any ongoing calls, and a list of any PhoneAccounts registered on the device.

What is Rooting?

Rooting is a process of getting all right and permissions over your Android Operating system Software. With its privileged rights, you can use any custom theme, any custom application, enhance battery life, increase the performance and many more things that you were restricted. It is basically also known as hacking of your Android. No need to worry its legal if you doing on your device. In iPhone World, it is known by name ‘Jailbreaking’ which you have listened for sure. Similarly Rooting is for Android.

Origin Of Word Root

Term Root came from the Linux/Unix World. It uses to describe the user who has super privilege rights to all files and programs in Android OS.

Why Company Gives us only Guest Privileges for Our Android OS?

1) They don’t want you to get into certain parts of the software.

2) It becomes easy for them to update and manage devices.

3) It becomes easy for them to provide support as they know the version very well.

How To Download And Install Poot Apk

1) Just Download the Poot Apk from the download link.

2) Now save the Poot Apk to the desired location you want in your phone memory.

3) Now Go To Your Mobile Settings > Security And Permissions > Unknown Sources.

4) Enable the option Unknown Sources.


Unknown Sources


5) Now Go To the location you saved the Poor Apk in Step 2.

6) Now Click on the Poot Apk file in your Android device and install it.

7) Now When It Get installed Open It Up In Your Android Device.


Poot Installed


How To Root Your Android Phone Using Poot App

1) Now you have installed the Poot app and open it.

2) When you will open the app it will require you to install the Ministro II from Google play store.

3) After Downloading and installing you need to update the Ministro library.

Ministro Libraries

4) After updating the Ministro library, you will get two options –

a) Press Here To Poot
b) Built In Root Check

5) Click On The First option (a) And again You will get Three Options –

a) Superuser
b) Root Checker
c) In Built Root Checker

Root Your Android Phone Using Poot

6) Select The Option (a) and download the app.

7) Now Reboot your android device to take it into effect.

8) Finally, now your phone has been rooted.

One good thing That You can give to your Android phone is to root it. It will allow you to customise your phone to the fullest. It will give you every permission to your phone that your phone manufacturer doesn’t want to be with you. If you are cricket lover we have one more interesting app for you – Smartcric Check It Out For Sure!


Q: Where to find apk file after downloading it?
A: All the (.apk) files that are downloaded are found in the path /data/app/ but to see it you need to root your phone first of all. So just Root your android phone using poot apk as I told above. then you will be able to check all the apps file you have installed on your phone.

Q: How Fix Poot Error Code 18?
A: This error is also sometimes different like “Su Binary Was Not Written” or “Demon On Lg Android” but most common reason for these type of errors are misconfigured system files. This gives rise to registry errors which create this problem.These errors even make down your system performance slow and regular crash of your system would be happening as results.

Reason for these registry problems: Installation of new versions of software without removing the previous versions over it leads to registry errors. Another cause can be viruses in your system or use of malicious software.

How to Make them Correct: Get a software Regcure Pro. Run and scan to repair damaged registry files with it. To be sure to get remove all problems make use of SpyHunter to optimize your PC.

After doing this 99% chances are you will not get any Poot Error Code 18.

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