Zanti Apk For Android iPhone And PC

Zanti Apk For Android iPhone And PC – Zanti is a testing toolkit. Its work is penetrating into mobile networks. Zanti helps the Security administrators to access the risk level in the network. It also helps the IT admins to simulate the hackers to know the techniques they used to attack into any networks. Zanti at all times produces an Automated Network Map that shows every vulnerability of a given target in the network.

Zanti apk

Features Of Zanti

Scanning – It scans Uncovered authentications, back door scans, brute-force attacks by hackers, DNS and protocol-related attacks and rogue access points.

Diagnose – It helps the Security Officers to easily test for an organization’s network. It automatically diagnoses vulnerabilities within mobile devices.

Reporting – Zanti Highlights the security gaps in your existing network. Then it reports the result with advanced cloud-based reporting through Z console. What Zanti does is mirror the methods of cyber-attacker that can be used to identify security loop holes within your network. This report helps businesses to see the risks and take proper corrective actions to fix critical security issues within their network.

Things That Can be Done Using Zanti APK

  • Malicious WiFi hotspot can be created using it.
  • You can Change your device MAC address.
  • Make modification to HTTP requests and responses.
  • To Exploit The routers.
  • Also used to Capture downloads.
  • You can also Audit passwords.
  • Do Checks devices for shellshock and SSL poodle vulnerability.
  • It can also Hijack HTTP sessions.

What Zanti App Can Do

  • Fulfill security purposes for the corporation.
  • Most demanding app for all android devices.
  • It can Fix all major security issues.
  • Very famous app for users all over the world.
  • Gives Protection to an android device.
  • Makes Your Device Virus Free.

Permissions Granted To This App

How To Use Zanti

  1. Just Download the Zanti app from the download link below.
  2. Now just open the file and install it on your device.
  3. It will ask for access so just grant the Root access.
  4. Now Window will open just enter an email address and accept the terms. Hit Start Button Now.
  5. A Pop Up Window Will open to join zNetwork, Just Enable it or else hit the skip button and wait for few seconds. A new window will display up with a list of networks.
  6. Tap on the NEXT button again and select the option “I am fully authorized to perform penetration testings on the network” and Tap Finish.
  7. After the finish button, you will see the “Devices found on your network”

How to Use Zanti

Zanti platinum apk

In order to work the zanti platinum version for your android you need to root your android using poot  device first and then only you can use it and enjoy the full features of it.

Zanti tutorial Android

If you face any problem in it you can read out a PDF Tutorial version also out here :- Zanti Tutorial Pdf

Zanti apk xda

You can download the versions from the download links and can use it for XDA.

Zanti for iphone

As previous Zanti version was only available for androids but now it has been made available for iPhone Users too. If you want to use it on your mobile device just install it from this link.

Zanti for pc

Some of the users want to install this Zanti app on their PC. So as such that version is not yet available. To make it work on your windows computer, just use android stimulators like Bluestacks on your PC.

Using it install the Zanti apk on it and you will be able to see it on your PC. If you feel any problem Let us know.

Download Zanti APK All Versions

Zanti 2.5.0
Zanti 2.4.2
Zanti 2.0.0
Zanti 1.2.2

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